Tuesday, March 09, 2010

SMS Dari Pn. Normala (BIMB)

Cikgu, gambar student masuk NST ari ni. TQ Normala
Sebelum  itu pemberita telah memaklumkan kepada pihak sekolah, terus saya online dan maklumat ini diperolehi. Dengan pertolongan En. Ishak, kami dapatkan 3 naskah NST dari kedai berdekatan. Memang ada 3 wajah pelajar yang dipaparkan. Paparan seteruskan akan dimasukkan di portal sekolah.

Learning ways to recycle through creative games


ALOR STAR: Stranded on a deserted island with a machine capable of recycling?
The task: think of things that you have brought along, such as mineral water bottles that can be recycled and turned into new things crucial for your survival.

That was one of the interesting games played by 50 pupils of SK Hj Hassan Itam, Simpang Empat, at the "Our Planet, We Decide!" workshop here yesterday.

The school's Year Four and Five pupils spent a fun-filled morning learning about environmental and green issues as well as brainstormed recycling ideas through creative activities.

The recycling awareness workshop, held in collaboration with the New Straits Times's Newspaper in Education (NIE) unit, was part of Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad's PINTAR (Promoting Intelligence, Nurturing Talent and Advocating Responsibility) programme which involved their 13 adopted schools nationwide.

Assistant NIE coordinator Nur Zarina Othman said the programme would be held in three stages, beginning with the workshop.
After the workshop, each school has to set up its own recycling programme, which includes having a recycling corner and organising an awareness campaign in six weeks' time.

The activities held during the period would be concluded with a contest in June.

For the contest, every school is required to submit a written report on the activities it has carried out. Bank Islam will reward three schools with the best reports.

The names of the winners will be announced in Niexter, NST's teen lifestyle pullout and NiEXUS, NST's NIE portal for English language learning.

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